Winter damage restoration

It is critical to protect your home from winter storm damage as winter weather approaches. Wind, ice, snow, and sleet can all cause significant damage to the roof, so it's best to be aware of the dangers. In this article, Four Elements will help you learn more about winter storm damage restoration and give you our expert guide to protect your home.

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What Is Winter Storm Damage Restoration and Disaster Cleanup?

Winter storm damage restoration is the process of cleaning up your roof after a severe winter storm or natural phenomena such as wind, ice, or snow. Here are six signs of winter storm damage to your roof you should know: 

Missing or cracked shingles

Missing or cracked shingles can lead to water leakage, bug infestations, mold, debris leakage, and even more problems. When you have a cracked shingle, you expose your roof or attic to the elements. Although we are discussing the recent winter storm that hit Chicago, this can happen after any storm.

Fallen tree branches

Tree branches and other debris can be flung onto or against your roof during a winter storm. This can result in loose tiles falling, scraping, and additional damage. Branches that land on the roof must be removed in order to maintain the internal structure of the roof.

Clogged gutters

While you may not realize it, clogged gutters are a major indicator of winter storm damage to your roof. When your gutter lines become clogged, the following can happen:

- Water leakage into your siding.
- Water leakage into your roof.
- Ice buildup.
- Bug infestation.
- Gutter collapses and damage to your home and house.
- Sagging and buildup of debris on the roof

Leaking fluids in the home or attic

If you notice water leaking from your roofing system and pooling in your attic, you may need to make some expensive repairs. It is most likely the result of large cracks or holes in your roof.

Water pooling in areas

When water pools in certain areas, it may indicate that your roof has been damaged by a winter storm. It's possible that your gutters are clogged, that debris is preventing the snow from melting, or there could be other factors.

Loss of granules

The loss of granules is one of the subtle signs of winter storm damage to your roof. Your shingles will lose granules over time. You have roof damage if you notice multiple pieces of shingles with extensive granule loss, which are frequently deposited in your gutters.

Winter Storm Damage

When it comes to blizzards and hailstorms, the most common concerns are structural and roofing damage. High-speed wind and ice are frequently present during the winter season, both of which can exacerbate the problems.

Snow Damage

You might think that waiting for the snow to melt from your roof will suffice, but it turns out that even two feet of packed snow can cause a roof to collapse. This can add up to a recipe for major roof damage in places where it's too cold for snow to melt between storms.

Roof Damage

Frozen ice melt, heavy snow and ice breaking through broken shingles, hail strikes, ice dams that block drainage pipes, and even high winds from winter storms can all be harsh on your roof, exposing your roof to moisture damage. If you have ice dams on your roof, one method of prevention is to blow cold air from inside the house against the roof, preventing snow and ice from melting.

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Water Damage

As melting snow occurs, your roof becomes vulnerable to water damage, mold, and other issues.

What can you do

During the winter, you should take precautions to prevent certain elements, such as snow and ice, from becoming the primary causes of damage. Here's what you need to do:

- Conduct a thorough inspection.
- Get rid of unwanted debris.
- Check the shingles and siding.
- Clear out the excess snow.
- Address and prevent pest damage.

According to HomeAdvisor, storm damage restoration costs on average $10,265, but prices vary greatly between $2,748 and $18,673 depending on the cause and extent of the damage.

It's never too soon to contact your roof restoration contractor after a winter storm. Waiting until water is leaking into your roof completely caves in will not only cost you more money, but will also put your family in danger. 

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Four Elements Restoration provides immediate assistance to secure your roofing systems and prevent significant damage. Services for storm damage may include the following:

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- Secure the structure, winter roofing, and any other external surfaces.
- Clean up any strewn or damaged surfaces.
- Deodorize, disinfect, and dry.

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