tile roofing

Tile Roofing

You've come to the right place if your tile roof is leaking or if you have storm or hail damage to your tile roof. This is the guide for you. With this roof tile guide, you will learn everything there is to know about tile roofing, including: roof tile materials, many shapes of roof tiles, ...

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Roof Tile Materials

Tile Roofing, what is it?

Tile roofing is a popular choice for property owners wanting the longest roof life possible. Also, a properly installed, tiled roof can survive up to 100 years.

What, then, is a tiled roof? On a sloped roof, overlapping roof tiles are glued to a solid substrate or roof deck. Tile roofing is a specialty. And it necessitates a professional in the tile roofing industry alliance with experience installing roof tiles of various materials and shapes. A tiled roof can be seen on many types of buildings, from restaurants and resorts to museums and churches. Let us first look at the basic roof tile types, starting with the materials used to make roof tiles most optimal for tile roofing.
clay tile roof

Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles were manufactured hundreds of years ago. Clay is very moldable, has a wide range of colors, and holds its color well. Tile roofs were traditionally orange or red in color. Clay roof tiles now come in virtually every color and shape. Many a tiled roof has copper gutters and metal embellishments for an old world look.
concrete tile roof

Concrete Roof Tiles

A concrete roof tile is also a popular tile roofing alternative. A concrete roof tile is made of Portland cement, sand, water, and sometimes other colors (for color). Due to their fluid nature, a concrete roof tile can be factory-molded to resemble wood shake shingles, clay tiles, or slate tiles. Concrete tiles are particularly wind and hail resistant. When comparing a clay vs. a concrete roof tile for a new roof, keep in mind that clay tiles last longer than concrete tiles.
slate tile roof

Slate Roof Tiles

Slate tile roofs are popular for tile roofing due to their natural beauty and longevity. A great option for roof restoration. America's slate roof tiles originally appeared in the northeast, where enormous slate reserves were discovered. Slate roof tiles come in many hues and patterns. Coloration varies with mineral concentration. Slate tiles come in black, gray, purple, red, and rust. Due to the popularity of slate, various clay and synthetic roof solutions are available for building owners.
metal tile roof

Metal Roof Tiles

Metal roofing systems offer a nice roofing material option for tile-based construction materials. If your structure cannot support larger tile materials, metal may be the best alternative that most of the tile roofing industry alliance recommend. Colors and shapes of metal roof tiles are almost limitless. While steel tiles are the most common metal roofing tile, aluminum and copper are also available as viable options for tile roofing and roof restoration.
composite tile roof

Composite Roof Tiles

Plastic and other eco-friendly materials are used to make composite roof tiles. Asphalt shingles can be replaced by composite roofing materials, which is great for tile roof restoration. Because they are lighter than a clay or concrete roof tile, roofers and homeowners alike prefer them. The most popular composite or plastic roof tiles are imitation slate, cedar shake, and Spanish tile. Some have 50-year warranties.
solar tile roof

Solar Roof Tiles

Solar roof tiles are a newer invention. While flat solar panels have been put on roofs for decades, integrated (and cost-effective) solar shingles or tiles are a newer market entry for tile roofing.

Roof Tile Styles & Shapes

spanish tile roof

Spanish Roof Tiles

Spanish roof tiles are a sort of barrel tile with a wavy "S" shape. These roof tiles combine to form one of the most popular tile roof styles.
mission tile roof

Mission Roof Tiles

Mission roof tiles are also called "authentic barrel tiles." A mission tile roof is made up of individual barrels arranged in an alternating pattern of concave and convex patterns. Mission tile roofs can employ top and bottom curved barrels or curved barrels and flat pans. Mission roof tiles come in the following styles: Greek, Palm Beach, Tapered Barrel, Straight Barrel.
flat shingle tile roof

Flat Shingle Roof Tiles

Flat roof tiles can be interlocking or not. These roofing options allow for creativity, creating a nice architectural style as well being compatible for flat roofs.
interlocking tile roof

Interlocking Roof Tiles

One or both sides of interlocking roof tiles have a channel. For a secure connection, this channel interlocks with a lip built into adjacent tiles. Interlocking roof tiles are easy to install and create a pleasing architectural style. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Interlocking roof tile designs include Wood Shake, French, Slate, Smooth, and Glazed, all giving a nice curb appeal.
shake tile roof

Shake Roof Tiles

This roof's texture and appearance is very popular. As a result, tile manufacturers create wood-like shingles from clay, concrete, composite, and steel.
scalloped tile roof

Scalloped Roof Tiles

Scalloped roof tiles can be very distinctive. Scalloped roof tiles feature a curled bottom edge. They resemble fish scales when placed on the roof.
french tile roof

French Roof Tiles

French roof tiles are known for their low profile and interlocking design. The French tile (also known as Marseille tile) has a timeless look. The surface of this roof tile has two flutes.
graduated and tapered tile roof

Graduated & Tapered Roof Tiles

Roofing with round towers or domed roofs requires a special tile. Each tile must be properly shaped to meet the sloping roof. To create an architectural masterpiece, each roof tile's size and shape taper.

How to find the right commercial roofing contractors

Just rely on an experienced commercial roofing contractor when having your tile roofing system installed. Either simple or complex systems require careful craftsmanship.

Please find a tile roofing contractor with these qualifications:
- Licensed and insured
- Experienced with your specified type of commercial tile roofing
- Experienced with the staged commercial project that need tear-off and installation done side by side
- Familiar with the insurance claim procedure
tile roof restoration
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