fire damage restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

If fire emergency causes damage to your business, you must respond quickly to prevent more damage, especially to your roofing materials. In order to get your operations back up and running as quickly as possible, our team of committed experts is trained in the mitigation and repair of any fire damage to your home or business throughout Chicago. Let's go through the steps of necessary for fire restoration services so that you have a greater understanding of what is ahead of you.

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Step 1: Inspection and damage assessment

Fire damage restoration specialists, a roofing company or roofing contractors will assess the degree to which the unfortunate incident has damaged different components of your property, or your entire roof, in order to determine the amount of repair that will be necessary and present you with an estimated roofing cost. What you need to know is that there are two main types of damage that can affect residential and commercial roofing: fire and water damage.

When a fire breaks out, it ravages many of the components that are responsible for maintaining the structure safe to live in, this includes the roof and roof deck since the underlying beams may be weakened and scorched to the point of collapsing beneath the weight of the roof. Similarly, depending on the location of the fire and the sort of roof you have, roofing shingles may have sustained further damage.

Water damage may be the result of relentless downpour, but it is more likely to accumulate over time due to inadequate poor sealing. You may also have water damage as a result of the fire extinguishing operation, due to house fire, bad fire restoration services, debris removal process or some faulty fire damage covered methods causing the need for help from the fire department. The materials used to hold shingles in place will deteriorate over time, exposing the wood underneath.

Aside from visible leaks, granule-filled gutters, cracked or peeling shingles or soft wood decking are signs that your property is in need of water damage restoration and that you need to look for professional advice, contact a fire damage restoration company, roof repair services or call a roofing contractor as soon as possible, as fire damage repair is quite similar to water restoration services. Our professional team of workers has decades of experience determining the slightest amount of fire damage in order to put in the right amount of firefighting efforts. We will survey existing conditions of the damaged roof to assess the kind of quality service needed.

Step 2: Removing unsalvageable parts

This process involves removing materials that are too weak or damaged to remain in place. Aside from re-roofing, we also offer alternative metal roofing. Fire repair experts will begin by methodically eliminating any signs of smoke damage, as well as smoke and soot particles. In certain situations, if some areas are severely damaged, this step may entail the disposal of certain parts, such as that of the wooden structure underneath. All of the mentioned are essential to the prevention of further damage after roof fires, and the core of a fire damage repair process. A fire damaged house will need new roof installation with help from professional fire damage repair service to both improve on and update existing roofs or rather what's left of them and their damaged materials after structural damage.

Even when the fire is out, the devastation is not over. Much of the damaged materials used in furniture and flooring is synthetic, and when burnt in the case of a house fire, it may cause a wide range of complicated chemical reactions. Structures and household objects may go from cleanable to unsalvageable in a matter of days, making it difficult for smoke damage restoration, fire damage restoration or roof repair processes. Four Elements' fire damage restoration specialists are experts in knowing the chemical combinations that combine for deep cleaning procedures to control soot staining, poor sealing to counter structural insecurity or unsound structure. Our trained professionals will offer you innovative solutions for odor removal, for fire restoration and cleaning off soot from high-risk materials.

Step 3: Restoration

Once the irreparable parts are disposed of, the very last step is the replacement of roofing material or installation of a brand-new roof system depending on the estate’s current state and your needs. Here we will aid you in exploring repair options and alternatives, like stronger metal roofing and fire-resistant materials that will help you rest easy from now on.

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Four Elements Restoration is pleased to provide water, fire and smoke damage repair and restoration services, as well as other crisis management solutions to homes and businesses throughout. We have a dedicated team of workers that specialize in residential as well as commercial fire damage restoration, with a particular emphasis on restaurant fire damage restoration in Chicago, IL.

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