Commercial Metal Roofing: Your Comprehensive Guide

Do you have a roof leak? Else, are you having a problem with your existing metal roof? Then, this ultimate guide to commercial metal roofing is for you. We will walk you through metal roof styles and color options for the metal roofing systems. You will also know better about metal roof manufacturers and warranties. Likewise, let this blog find out your right metal roof contractor and answer FAQs. Without any further ado, let’s check out everything you should know. 

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What to know about metal roofing systems

What is a metal roof?

Metal roofing system comprises metal shingles or overlapping metal panels mounted to a substrate. There are two major types of substrates adopted with metal roofing (solid substrates and open framing). Metal roofing is among the best commercial roof options available nowadays for good reason. After a proper installation, a metal roofing system can offer at least six decades of performance. According to studies by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, where every roof sustains some cosmetic hail damage, the metal roof showed the best performance and lowest chance of receiving structural damage, even with the biggest hailstones.

There are several most common styles of today’s commercial metal roofs, including R-panel, batten panel, and particularly standing seam metal roof.

Standing seam roofing

What are standing seam metal roofs (SSMRs)?

A standing seam metal roof refers to a range of concealed fastener metal panels featuring trapezoidal or vertical legs with flat space in between. Flanges or concealed clips help attach the panel seams to the substrate. A few metal roof systems (mechanically standing seam panels) create a double-lock standing seam using a seamer machine. Meanwhile, others leverage a seam cap.

Some of the unique design characteristics 

- The interlocking seam stands above the panel’s flat surface to avoid water entry.

- Concealed fasteners enable a cleaner look.

- The screws do not penetrate the roof panels.

Why it is a popular roofing option

- Long lifespan

- Long warranties

- A modern architectural look offered

- Customization of roof panels for special roof shapes

- Energy saving and long-term cost savings

- Securely fastened to an open frame or solid substrate

Color options for metal roof

There are various color options for commercial metal roofs, making them easily match practically every architectural roof design. You may want to have a look at this color chart. 

How to choose commercial metal roof manufacturers 

The supplier of qualified architectural sheet metal needs to have:
- The necessary knowledge and experience
- Ingenuity
- Quality machinery

Four Elements installs only high-quality metal roof systems from top manufacturers. They are the best value for money. Above all, we offer long warranties. Contact us for further information about the cost-efficient and low maintenance option and warranty.

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How to find the right commercial roofing contractors

Just rely on an experienced commercial roofing contractor when having your metal roof system installed. Metal roofs in areas with extreme, fluctuating temperatures expand and contract. This is only a downside in the case of improper panel installation. Also, careful craftsmanship is crucial for complex metal roofing systems.

Please find a metal roof contractor with these qualifications:
- Licensed and insured
- Experienced with your specified type of commercial metal roofing
- Experienced with the staged commercial project that need tear-off and installation done side by side
- Familiar with the insurance claim procedure
As a certified and experienced roofer, Four Elements is committed to offering metal roofing systems with decades of long term performance. Metal roofing aside, we provide all other best-qualified roof restoration, renovation, and construction services. These include asphalt shingles installation, water damage restoration, roof repair in extreme weather conditions, damage documentation for insurance claims, permanent roof replacement, energy efficient services, and a whole lot more. Four Elements serves all of the Chicagoland area and Illinois. Call us for a free roof inspection (risk-free) by experts with years of experience.

Related questions

What are the most commonly used commercial metal roofing materials?

Aluminum and steel are some common metals for commercial metal roofing. Many brands make steel panels from galvalume or galvanized steel afterward color coated. A few leave steel panels raw to rust for a beautifully centuries-old look. Zinc and copper are also popular metals for metal roof. 

What are the most common gauges for metal roofing?

Metal roof gauge thickness tends to be 29-gauge (0.0135-inch), 26-gauge (0.0179-inch), 24-gauge (0.0239-inch), and 22-gauge (0.0299-inch). The smaller gauge number represents the thicker metal.

On what building types can I use metal roofing?

You can use metal roofing on various residential homes and commercial applications, for example, fitness centers, auto shops, farms, community & commercial buildings, resorts, shopping centers, factories, corporate offices, schools, and warehouses. 

What insulation should I use for a commercial metal roof?

Vinyl-backed insulation. It is usually installed under roof metal and over the purlins in open frame commercial buildings. Several buildings make use of rigid foam insulation. 

Can I use metal roofing on flat roofs?

It may not be appropriate. Metal roofing is more advisable for low-sloped roofs to steep roof slope work. Feel free to call us for further clarification.

What is a Class A fire-rated roof?

As classified by International Building Codes, Class A provides the highest FRL (fire resistance level). Quality metal roofs receive the Class A fire ratings in compliance with UL 790 Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Roof Coverings. 

Does Four Elements provide commercial metal roofing?

Yes, we do. As a professional commercial metal roofer, Four Elements provides comprehensive metal roof restoration and installation, including cool roofs that will absorb less sun's heat and save commercial properties over 33% in energy costs, throughout the Chicagoland area and Illinois. Our experts have decades of experience handling commercial metal roofing systems for various commercial property owners.

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