Hail Damage Roof Repair: How to Spot and Fix Hail Damage on Roof

This is a complete guide to hail damage roof repair. Learn how to spot and fix hail damage on roof with this in-depth post  

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Why you cannot ignore hail storm damage roof repairs

Aon revealed that the 2000 - 2019 period saw average insured losses of 8 billion USD to 14 billion USD caused by hail a year. The costs related to the hail storm and wind damage add up fast as it impacts practically anything outside, particularly your roof. There is often unseen hail roof damage. That is why today, we will share specifically how to spot your home’s roof damage and a step-by-step hail damage roof repair guide.

Believe it or not, hail whose diameter is as small as one inch can leave significant damage to your roof. So crucially, you minimize it now before severe storms or other future weather occurrences cause larger issues. Even when you see no immediate signs of damage in your house, chances are severe damage is here and there outside that requires roof inspection and repair immediately.

To be more specific, damaged or missing shingles can result in water leaks or something, possibly causing main concern quickly. If you disregard them, roof and shingle damage will easily become ice dams and stuff. In the end, these develop into rotting wood, power problems, etc., that are costly to repair. If you are proactive about such possible problems, you will save a lot of money and maintain the health of your house. Likewise, doing so helps you avoid cases where insurance company deadlines keep you from being able to file an insurance claim.

During hail damaged roof repair, consider selecting a licensed, bonded, and insured roofing company, say Four Elements, to get more value for the money. We provide 24/7 property monitoring, free roof inspection (for any interior or exterior damage), free policy review, free digital report analysis, emergency roof repair, commercial and residential hail and storm repair, among others. Altogether, we are committed to bringing what you need to the table.

Hail damage roof repair: A step-by-step guide

Step 1: Check the surrounding areas for hail impact

You can find signs of hail damage shown in the areas that surround it. Dented gutters and downspouts tend to result from impacts of inclement weather events. Also, check exposed metal surfaces such as outdoor AC units. You may likewise want to inspect painted surfaces like decks that likely show hail impact, for example, chipped paint.

Step 2: Identify roof damage signs if the roof is accessible

A few typical signs of damage are roof cracks, loose granules, and random damage without noticeable color. Have a close look at roof features such as roof vents, chimneys, and shingles for chips or dents. We suggest leveraging light-colored chalk on barely discernible surfaces. This way helps reveal damage with no visible signs. Hail impact signs will also differ by material. For instance, you can detect hail damage related to wood shingles by splits with orange or brown color

Step 3: Rely on a professional inspection to decide the damage extent

Have you carried out an initial assessment of hail and strong wind damage to your roof? Then, do not hesitate to ask for a professional inspection from licensed and qualified hail damage roofers and roofing contractors like Four Elements to decide the damage extent. Our HAAG-certified inspectors can promptly define the damage severity and necessary repairs.

Step 4: Decide between individual shingle repairs or a full roof replacement

In the case of shingled roofs, you can choose to fix an entire area or take the place of individual shingles. Should only some shingles get damaged, you may have them moved out and replaced with new ones. Speaking of more significant hail damage still contained to a roof area, we recommend partial reroofing. Should every or just about any shingle experience storm damage, whole roof replacement is usually the best thing to do.

Step 5: Call homeowners insurance company regarding your hail roof damage coverage

The insurance company will cover significant weather damage-associated fixes within half a year to a year in a lot of cases. Please note that the damage extent tends to decide if the flat roof storm damage and stuff are covered. Also, do not miss out on the fact that storm roofers such as Four Elements have extensive experience in protecting the policy holder’s rights.

Step 6: File your insurance claim and have the roof fixed

Now, you should file a claim and get the roof fixed according to building codes by trained professional staff from Four Elements. The repair time has to do with the damage severity.

Tips and tricks of protecting the roof against storm damages

Before hail season, get a free, professional roof inspection by a trusted roofing contractor like Four Elements. 

Should the roof be reaching the end of its lifecycle, have a new roof set up with modified asphalt shingles or other impact-resistant shingles.

Should you spot any shrubs or something extending out towards the house, we suggest trimming them before hail season.

Related questions

Repair costs for damage from small hail and hails with high wind speeds?

The cost depends on the size of your roof and whether you have a partial or entire roof replacement. Please contact us for more details.

How many hail hits to take the place of my roof?

After the test square is created, your insurance adjuster will count and decide how many hail strikes in the square are. Commonly, the number of hail hits required to take the place of your roof is eight.

Can hail affects my new roof?

Yes. It can because not every roofing material is made equal.

Storm damage roof restoration near me?

If you live in Chicago, the good news is Four Elements serves all of the Chicagoland area and Illinois.

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