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Insurance Claim Restoration Case Study

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Existing Roof System

• SBS- Modified Bitumen Roofing System - Smooth w. Silver Elastomeric Coating


• Wood, Perlite Insulation, BUR- Built-up Asphalt Roofing System, SBS- Modified Bitumen- Smooth with Elastomeric Coating.

Age & Condition

• The existing SBS- Modified Bitumen Roofing System on this building was approximately fifteen years old. The roofing system was in poor condition for its age and has several maintenance issues.

Replacement Specifications

• Tear off existing roofing assemblies and install a Fully Adhered 60 MIL TPO Roofing System following a 20-year Re-roof specification from the manufacturer (Mule- Hide). 

• Install Poly ISO insulation meeting the R-30 Code Insulation requirement.

• Install new TPO accessories at all penetrations per manufacturer.


• Transferable 20-year Warranty from Mule- Hide and a 1-year Labor Warranty from Four Elements Restoration, Inc.

Project Cost

Using the proceeds from the insurance settlement, the client increased the value of his property by replacing the roofing system.


Increased energy efficiency, now up to code

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