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Water can damage your roof in various ways, for example, through precipitation and plumbing. Even worse, it does not need to flow to be detrimental to your property. The air carries moisture in the water vapor form that gets to condense on the roof. In any case, letting sitting water stay unattended is among the most prevalent causes of a collapsed roofing system. Water damage calls for swift action and proper restoration measures. Four Elements Adjusters have the most suitable moisture detection technology and training for fully capturing the extent of damage in as short a time as possible. Above all, we take the stress off of your shoulders by handling the insurance process entirely and quickly, earning you the largest settlement for your claim.

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Water claim vs. flood damage claim?

The main difference between them is where the water originates from. Water damage is usually caused by internal disasters, for instance, plumbing accidents, and tends to occur to a single property. Should both you and your neighbor be experiencing water issues caused by rising waters, you are likely handling a flood claim. Meanwhile, if you are dealing with water on your property yet your neighbor does not suffer any problem, a water insurance claim may be what you are about to handle.

What percent of homeowner claims is water damage?

According to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.), around 1 in 50 homeowners turn in a water damage claim each year, occupying almost 30% of every homeowner's insurance claim. The cost of a claim of this type is $11,098 on average.

Where does water damage rank insurance claims?

Water damage is among the most frequent causes of insurance claims. The Insurance Services Office (ISO) states that this claim type is the 2nd largest common insurance claim, following wind and hail damage.

Will a water damage claim increase my premiums?

Usually, an “act of God” insurance claim will not raise your premium. But on the other hand, even if you do not turn in an insurance claim or are not affected by a big catastrophic storm, the rate will likely increase because many other people file claims.

What to do if I have a partially denied claim or a claim denial?

In this case, you are recommended to get Four Elements Adjusters to review the claim and offer a secondary coverage opinion.

How to know if a public adjuster is necessary on my water damage claim?

Insurers tend to require thorough estimates written in a specialized piece of software. Also, unfortunately, many commercial property owners have a partially denied claim. Mastering Xactimate and having extensive insurance experience, Four Elements Adjusters make sure to close your claims professionally, promptly, fairly, and with reduced stress.

Will insurance cover a 15-year-old roof?

Yes, it will in many cases. Should your old roof suffer considerable damage due to insurable events, they will likely pay to repair or replace your roof.

How to cover depreciation while rebuilding my property?

Necessarily, you keep checks, invoices, and receipts. Some insurers require photographs of the completed work. You are recommended to keep records of everything from the 1st day of your damage claim. That way, Four Elements Adjusters can provide the greatest assistance in recovering your depreciation.