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The damage caused to your property by fire is more difficult to prove than visibly scorched items. Further, fires likely leave you and your beloved suffering health complications. Some insurers might take advantage of these situations and pay you less than your deserved settlement. Even a minor mistake on your claim could result in reduced payment or denial. That is why you need experts on your side. With decades of firsthand experience handling fire damage claims, Four Elements Adjusters answer your immediate questions and predict the loopholes possibly leveraged by your insurance company for its interests. We provide full proof of damage, meet the tight deadlines and complicated requirements of your policy, and secure the highest possible compensation for you. Get a fire claim partner who represents your best interests.

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What should I save when a fire occurs at my property?

An assessment by Four Elements Adjusters is instrumental in determining what you can keep and what you should dispose of. Contact us anytime for a free consultation.

What is an industrial hygienist?

An industrial hygienist is a professional qualified for assessing the impacts of contamination from soot, smoke, ash, and other burned hazardous materials. These contaminants can cause damage to any property type within range.

What does a Cause & Origin expert do?

Hired by insurers, a Cause & Origin expert investigates the origin and cause of the fire. This allows insurers to decide which insurance policy is answerable for which damage and where you might be out of luck.

Should I rely on the mitigation company recommended by my insurer?

Right after a fire, the policyholder is responsible for mitigating additional damages to the property. Unless you have another choice in mind, it is OK to use the recommended mitigation company in this regard. Nevertheless, importantly, you understand your rights and review any contracts before agreeing to the terms.

What is business interruption coverage?

Business interruption coverage is an insurance type that pays for the income lost after an extensive fire. For example, the income loss covered results from the fire-related closing of the business facility.

What is extra expense coverage?

Extra expense coverage pays for a policyholder’s non-ordinary expenses after a fire incident. For instance, it covers the costs of moving your business to a temporary location when your property is under restoration and equipment purchased for the temporary site.

What to do if my fire damage claim is underpaid or denied?

In this case, you need to get the Four Elements public adjuster to review the file and prepare a detailed claim to aid in the recovery of the money you need.

How to know if a public adjuster is necessary on my fire damage claim?

Insurers tend to require thorough estimates written in a specialized piece of software. Also, unfortunately, many commercial property owners have a partially denied claim. Mastering Xactimate and having extensive insurance experience, Four Elements Adjusters make sure to close your claims professionally, promptly, fairly, and with reduced stress.

How is the claim calculated in case of fire?

This formula determines the actual amount of your claim: Claim Payable = Loss Suffered x Insurable Value/ Total Cost. For further information, feel free to contact us.

How to cover depreciation while rebuilding my property?

Necessarily, you keep checks, invoices, and receipts. Some insurers require photographs of the completed work. You are recommended to keep records of everything from the 1st day of your damage claim. That way, Four Elements Adjusters can provide the greatest assistance in recovering your depreciation.