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Tornado damage to roofs is black and white. When slicing a path through your property, it can tear off parts of the entire roofing system. However, all too often, policyholders find out the hard way that submitting a tornado insurance claim by themselves will not earn them the fair compensation they need for restorations. Four Elements Adjusters document every bit of your tornado damage and fight for your best interests. Contact us anytime, and you are just a prompt response away from an ultimate damage assessment and complete active support on getting the full settlement you need.

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How much damage results from a tornado?

Each year in the U.S, tornadoes do around $400 million in damage and cause about 70 deaths on average. Super high winds tear commercial and residential properties apart.

How to know if I should file a tornado claim?

Most advisably, you have damages validated BEFORE notifying your insurer to avoid a frivolous claim. There are no fixed rules on what is sure to cause the damage. For instance, damage can even result from gusts of 60 mph and 1-inch hail based on the surface affected by it.

Will a tornado damage claim increase my premiums?

Usually, an “act of God” insurance claim will not raise your premium. But on the other hand, even if you do not turn in an insurance claim or are not affected by a big catastrophic storm, the rate will likely increase because many other people file claims.

What to do if I have a partially denied claim or a claim denial?

In this case, you are recommended to get Four Elements Adjusters to review the claim and offer a secondary coverage opinion.

How to know if a public adjuster is necessary on my tornado damage claim?

Insurers tend to require thorough estimates written in a specialized piece of software. Also, unfortunately, many commercial property owners have a partially denied claim. Mastering Xactimate and having extensive insurance experience, Four Elements Adjusters make sure to close your claims professionally, promptly, fairly, and with reduced stress.

What if my insurer does not pay Overhead and Profit on my tornado damage claim?

O & P (Overhead and profit) is a portion of your contractor bill. Sometimes, insurance companies do not pay this on the claim’s roofing portion because they consider it already part of the Xactimate estimate. Should your insurer not pay, there are ways to negotiate this lack of agreement. For details, do contact us.

How to cover depreciation while rebuilding my property?

Necessarily, you keep checks, invoices, and receipts. Some insurers require photographs of the completed work. You are recommended to keep records of everything from the 1st day of your damage claim. That way, Four Elements Adjusters can provide the greatest assistance in recovering your depreciation.