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Hailstones can fall in various sizes, but they are not necessarily super large to cause substantial damage. If you leave it unrepaired, the damage will become compounded, and repair costs will increase. On the one hand, you do not want to submit an inaccurate claim. But on the other hand, when you wait too long to notify your insurer, the claim process will become complicated, and you may not get the fair amount of settlement you need to repair your roof damage properly. Trained and experienced Four Elements Adjusters know the ins and outs of the best ways of assessing damages accurately, meeting policy and claim deadlines, and negotiating a full settlement for you. Get paid fairly and fastest to protect your biggest property investment!

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How to know if I should file a hail claim?

Most advisably, you have damages validated BEFORE notifying your insurer to avoid a frivolous claim. There are no fixed rules on what is sure to cause the damage. For instance, damage can even result from 1-inch hail and gusts of 60 mph based on the surface affected by it.

How do hail damage claims work?

Your insurance company may cover the cost of your entire roof replacement even if it only has partial damage. For example, if hail strikes damage your asphalt shingles, Four Elements Adjusters would count the number of strikes occurring in a section to define the effect on your roof lifespan.

Will a hail damage claim increase my premiums?

Usually, an “act of God” insurance claim will not raise your premium. But on the other hand, even if you do not turn in an insurance claim or are not affected by a big catastrophic storm, the rate will likely increase because many other people file claims.

What to do if I have a partially denied claim or a claim denial?

In this case, you are recommended to get Four Elements Adjusters to review the claim and offer a secondary coverage opinion.

How to know if a public adjuster is necessary on my hail damage claim?

Insurers tend to require thorough estimates written in a specialized piece of software. Also, unfortunately, many commercial property owners have a partially denied claim. Mastering Xactimate and having extensive insurance experience, Four Elements Adjusters make sure to close your claims professionally, promptly, fairly, and with reduced stress.

My roof was partially damaged from hail. I am afraid water might have entered the openings before temporary repairs were in place. How can I decide whether I have water under my roof?

Any property owner (particularly those with flat roofs) should not neglect this matter. Four Elements Adjusters have experts who know their stuff to determine water damage under your roof covering. We depend on the facts to decide what resources need harnessing to perform an ultimate analysis of the damage the right way, right away.

What if my insurer does not pay Overhead and Profit on my hail damage claim?

O & P (Overhead and profit) is a portion of your contractor bill. Sometimes, insurance companies do not pay this on the claim’s roofing portion because they consider it already part of the Xactimate estimate. Should your insurer not pay, there are ways to negotiate this lack of agreement.

How long to claim hail damage on the roof?

Standard policies often require that you turn in your claim within a year of when you determine that your property had hail damage.