Quarry Pub and Grill - Lemont, IL

Lemont, IL

25,000 sq. ft. roof sections in Lemont, IL

Claim Adjustment

Initial Claim
Final Claim
563 %
Claim increase

Four Elements brought $565,000.00 worth of equity back to the building owners’ asset. The owner had zero out of pocket expenses aside from their deductible and had zero headaches of handling negotiating with their carrier. He was also able to write off the settlement money for his capital improvement using Section 179 of the IRS tax code.

The Challenge

Four Elements Adjusters represented the owner in an insurance claim for storm damage at 1015 State Street in Lemont, IL. Prior to the storm that took place in May 2019, this building had an older built-up roofing assembly with acrylic coating and the owner was budgeting to replace it. The roof system consisted of one roofing layer that was comprised of a 3-ply (BUR) built-up roofing system with a 1.0” Poly ISO insulation, and ½” Perlite, over a wood deck. After the storm he started having leaks and he contacted Four Elements to assess the property.

The storm that impacted the building produced sizeable hail accompanied by high wind speeds which caused physical damage to the roof membrane, roof top units (RTU’s), exhaust vents, gutters, downspouts, and perimeter sheet metal. Four Elements Adjusters handled all the negotiations with the insurance carrier. When the claim was settled it resulted in approval of a complete roof replacement, the majority (8/10) of the rooftop units (RTU’s) being replaced, new perimeter and flashing metal, exhaust caps, and roof accessories. The owner also had code coverage in their policy so the new roofing system would have an additional 4” of insulation then the previous system.

Existing Roof System

• Built -up roofing system

Age / Condition

• 20+ years old (unknown)/ Fair/Poor condition for its age


• Wood, 1.0” Poly ISO, ½” Perlite 3-Ply built-up roofing system

The Solution

The owner decided to upgrade his older built-up roof system to a fully adhered 60 MIL TPO roof system using the funds from the insurance claim. The roof specification chosen followed Mule Hide guidelines for installation of a single ply TPO roofing system over a wood substrate. In addition to the roof replacement, the owner replaced the damaged rooftop units with brand new Carrier rooftop units.

A certified Mule Hide roofing contractor removed the built-up roof system, insulation, curb flashings, perimeter and flashing metal, and roof accessories to expose the wood decking. All the debris generated during the project were disposed of utilizing a waste management service facility that recycles the material. Upon tear off the wood substrate was inspected by the roofing contractor to ensure it was in suitable condition to accept the new roofing system. The contractor then installed 5.5 inches of new Poly ISO insulation which was mechanically attached to the decking (The insulation thickness meets R30 insulation requirement for Illinois). When ready, the contractor fully adhered the 60 MIL TPO roofing membrane to the insulation per manufacture requirements.  All seams and laps of the membrane were hot air welded using a Robotic Leister self-propelled hot air welding machine. All roof penetrations were raised to accommodate the new roof height and were flashed using a separate layer of 60 MIL TPO membrane which was fully adhered to the flashing substrate. All new TPO roofing accessories were installed at the penetrations following manufacturer guidelines. New 24-gauge perimeter sheet metal gutters, downspouts, fascia, and coping were fabricated to accommodate the new roof system and installed per manufacturer guidelines. This specification came with a transferable 20-year NDL full system warranty from the manufacturer and a Four Seasons Labor Warranty from Four Elements Restoration.

Replacement Specification

• Tear off existing roofing assembly and install a new fully adhered 60MIL TPO roofing system following a specification from Mule Hide.

• Remove all perimeter and flashing metal and replace with new 24-gauge galvanized sheet metal.  

• Install new TPO accessories at all penetrations per manufacturer.

• Install new rooftop units


• 20-year NDL warranty and Four Seasons Labor from Four Elements