Andersonville - Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

5248 N. Clark St

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The Challenge

The storm caused significant damage to the modified bitumen roofing system, RTU’s, skylights, rooftop equipment, and perimeter sheet metal. The settlement amount was $233,458. The new roofing system will include an upgrade in insulation, with a total of 5.5" of new insulation compared to the previous 1.0" in the existing roof assembly.

Existing Roof System

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The Solution

  • The owner will use the funds from the insurance claim to upgrade the roofing systems to a fully adhered 60 MIL TPO roof system. The specification followed Mule Hide guidelines for a single-ply TPO roofing system over a wood substrate. The skylights, roof accessories, gutters, and downspouts were also replaced with new ones.
  • New 24-gauge perimeter sheet metal gutters and downspouts were fabricated and installed to accommodate the new roof system. The specification included a transferable 20-year NDL full system warranty from the manufacturer and a four seasons labor warranty from Four Elements Restoration.

Replacement Specification